A headshot of Catherine smiling in a grey sweater against a pale wall

Catherine Murray (she/her)

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Catherine came to Pilates following her career as a dance artist and arts administrator. It has been a natural transition to take her love of movement and the details of the human body and relay those to her clients through Pilates.

Catherine is a fully certified STOTT PILATES instructor having completed her training at Full Circle Studio in Vancouver. Her goal as an instructor is to help others connect to their bodies, understand how it works, and find more range and ease of motion to take into daily life and activity. Catherine aims to create a welcoming and encouraging environment that is inclusive of all genders, cultures, sizes, levels of ability, identification, and orientation.

Catherine earned her BFA from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) in 2005, followed by her MFA in Choreography from York University in 2013. Her graduate degree research focused around using contemporary choreography as a tool for social change. Catherine is a Co-Founder of Project: Humanity – an arts/theatre organization that uses the arts to raise social awareness with a strong emphasis on community service. She ran the company with her partners for eight years in Toronto before stepping back when she moved to Vancouver.

Catherine has over 15 years of teaching experience in a variety of forms and environments. She has taught dance in studios and schools; theatre and improvisation in the youth shelter system; group fitness in gyms and community centres; and leadership and creativity in business settings.

Catherine returned from Toronto to Vancouver where she grew up, and lives in East Van with her husband and two young sons.